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latin update

Today, I finished the second chapter in ‘Latin Prep’. It was still fairly straightforward going, but there was definitely some new material (Lively Latin doesn’t discuss the vocative case at all, that I’ve seen). Latin Prep uses a fair bit of translation, both into and out of latin—you’re immediately thrust into using your learning, rather than just answering questions about it.

(I do need to finish making all my flashcards! I have yet to print anything except nouns and verbs, and I’ve reached the stage where I just need to know all those little words.)

Chapter three looks to include quite a bit more new information!


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Puggle’s cooking efforts today are Doughnuts—towards his Cub Cooking badge. He used this recipe (although, we added about an extra quarter of a cup of milk to the batter. Later doughnuts looked much more round:-) )

His interest in doughnuts started (this time:-) ) from cooking Beignets for us for dinner one night (from his birthday cook book). This reminded him of Almanzo’s mother in Farmer Boy, and led to a discussion of the various different sorts of doughnuts. Then I remembered that my mother used to have a doughnut dropper (although, I was fairly sure she had got rid of it when they moved). When he asked her about it—she still had it! We then had to go searching for a more appropriate recipe:-)

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I spent rather more time than I anticipated this evening, playing on Duolingo. It’s a language learning site (currently German, Spanish and French; although, it does sound like they are planing on expanding further). It uses game type activities, and works on both written and oral language. And I’m currently making use of the option to test out of some material. I’m actually thinking that it might be a really good match for Puggle! I have a couple of invites available, if anyone is interested:-)

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Times Tables = Fun

Recently, I decided that we needed some music to assist the learning of times tables. Puggle has reached the stage where he kind of knows them, but he has to calculate (from scratch) to be sure what they are. Obviously, that takes longer than we’d prefer. We already have a chart on the back of the toilet door, and he’s worked through and understands how they’re formed, but what’s missing is the ‘automatic’ response. Given how well my kids learn songs, music seemed the logical next tool.

So I spent hours listening to possibilities on iTunes (and really, there’s not a huge amount you can do with tables, so there was a fair amount of repetition:-( ) But finally, I settled on Times Tables = Fun. (And how cool is that! The ABC shop currently has them on special!)

I really like the fact that each table is quite distinct musically. So, obviously, the three times table is a waltz, with a ‘german tenor’ singing. (The connection between the music and the table is less obvious for the others:-) ) I must admit to a certain fondness for the two times table (sounds rather like The Young Ones singing:-) ), and the Wild West Dustbowl sound of the eight times table:-)

The younger kids enjoy singing along with them—they couldn’t yet do it without the music, but I think it’s probably priming them nicely, so that once they begin working with multiplication, they won’t actually need to learn the tables, they’ll already know them:-)

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The various Milly-Molly-Mandy books were some of the first chapter books we read to Puggle. They were also pretty much his first independent reads:-) Over time, we’ve read a few chapters to Bilby, but we’re starting to read them a bit more concertedly. (And as she’s about to make the leap into reading, I expect they’re a likely match for her, too.)So, I was really excited when a friend pointed me at the following:-)
A Milly-Molly-Mandy lapbook.
Milly-Molly-Mandy lesson plans.

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Pretty Peacock

I’ve had this tab open for ages! I came across this beautiful peacock costume some time ago, and thought that it’s so do-able, I should add it to my ‘to make’ list:-) I am sure Bilby would love it (but equally, so would Cygnet:-) And probably Puggle:-) )

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Crème Brûlée

At long last (two days later!) we’re having the Crème Brûlée the Puggle made. Aside from the technical difficulties with the topping (it really doesn’t seem to work so well when the sugar has been in the fridge:-) ), they’ve turned out pleasingly. Puggle is definitely going to be a much more experienced cook than I was, when I left home.

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