I’m working through Galore Park‘s Latin Prep 1. I suspect I’m close to reaching the end of my ability to keep up with Puggle’s Latin, so if I’m to support his efforts, I needed to work on it for myself. I had already decided that Galore Park was the sequence we’ll follow, so it made sense to use that for myself (I’ve been making notes in the text book as to where the workbook exercises fit—that should make it easier for the kids to work mostly independently).

Today, I finished Chapter 1:-) (I started on Monday.) Each day after doing my Classic Crawl reading, I spend a minute or two on flash cards, and then 15 minutes on ‘the next bit’ from the book (I do finish the exercise—can’t see much point in leaving half an exercise for the next day). This was pretty straightforward. When the books first arrived and I flicked through, I figured that this chapter was essentially revision of work I’ve picked up already. I think the same is the case for the first half of the next chapter—and then the work starts:-)

There are ten chapters in this book. I’m anticipating it will take me in the order of a year to do (I said I don’t expect to keep going at the speed I have so far!)

So far, it’s confirming my decision to use this programme. There is a fair amount of rote/repetition/practice involved, but the tone of the book, and of explanations, is so appealing, that I can’t help but enjoy myself:-) And I think it’s in a form that will work for the kids:-)


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