latin update

Chapter Three of Latin Prep One finished… It was pretty twisty. That’s not a recommendation against the text… just the reality of finally reaching the bit where it’s actually all new work… and it’s hard. Not too hard, but definitely requiring of attention! I’m feeling very glad I ended up getting the workbooks, as their forcing me to really practise the new learning!

I think I’m going to take a break for a few days from actual latin, and get the flash cards up to date. I still haven’t printed any other than nouns and verbs, and I need to rectify that. I also realise that I need to add some into the nouns that are along the lines of ‘genative plural of girl’, so that those kind of translations are more off the top of my head. I’ve already done that for verbs (‘second person singular of sing’), and it makes a difference!

Hopefully I’ll get it sorted so that on Monday, I can return to the book, and chapter four:-) I am still really enjoying it though, so that’s a plus…



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2 responses to “latin update

  1. janelouise

    Go you. My Spanish galore park arrived while I was in Albany – I’m thinking I’l coast through book 1 – but very valuable for repetition in another context – but yes, then the actually work begins….. Have yet another new schedule organised, so should be starting next week……!

    • It’s also nice to learn a new system/approach with old material:-) That’s the attack I’m taking with Puggle’s maths:-)
      Also in my ‘quiet time work’ I’m two chapters off finishing Jane Eyre:-) Which actually, I should get on to:-)

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