Cygnet’s Fourth Birthday

A big day in our house, Cygnet turned four. He decided twelve months ago that he wanted a T-Rex cake, and didn’t once change his mind! I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out (and also deeply appreciative of the ease with which the buttercream was made… I recently acquired an old Kenwood Chef from a friend, and used that as I’d already given away my usual mixer… I was able to start it beating the butter and wander away to do the next thing, instead of having to stay and hold it!)

He decided on Hamburgers for dinner, so we had meat burgers, and Chickpea and Haloumi burgers, homemade buns (the same as the Hotdog buns from the other day—just divided into eight… I still think they may have been too large for this sort of event, another time I’ll make twice as many from the batch), beetroot, pineapple, lettuce and tomato. A pretty reasonable choice, although I could have thought through the serving a little more clearly.

No Birthday Flag update so far… I have boxed away almost al my craft stuff, including all the felt, and only realised late the night before:-( I still have two more birthdays in the not too distant future though, so I suspect I’ll get to it before next year.

(Danny Dinosaur from the women’s Weekly Animal Cake book.)


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  1. Gosh, that came around fast! Great cake 🙂

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