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An Australian Folk Song A Day


I’m a little behind with this month’s folk song… I had decided to do ‘a Eureka song’, but hadn’t actually decided which, so I’m now looking to choose it. There are quite a number:-) Ideally, I want one that mentions key facts (when, where, who and why), that I can find a pleasing recording for, that is engaging, and if I could find sheet music, that would be fabulous!

Along the way, I came across this site>. I think I still have an odd one or two uncertain slots ahead, and there have in the past been one or two months where we struggled to find a recording… So I think I’ll be making use of this site in the future to fill in any remaining gaps!


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It’s Not All About The Talk

Alisa at Champagne and Socks included a TED talk in one of her recent posts. She missed her stops a few times for it, and I delayed going to bed because I was watching it…

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National Geographic Angry Birds

Here’s an interesting looking book… One I plan to follow up.

HT: Macbeth’s Opinion

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First Birthday!

Today we celebrate:-)


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Take Up and Read: A Wee Bit of Humor: Books

This is priceless!

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Homeschooling High School: Writing and Composition

I’m posting thishere so that I can find it later.

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