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Putting Down Roots!

Today, we finally made some progress on the garden!
The raised bed now has soil and some plants (peas, odourless onions and pickling onions, beetroot, and cauliflower… Half are seeds, and the rest are seedlings).

We also began the Citrus Grove. Around the pool, the plan is to have a mass of citrus, and a few frangipani (that and roses are currently the only non-food plants we’re planning).
So today we put in Puggle’s Blood Orange (a sixth birthday present), a Eureka Lemon (because it’s not an Australian backyard without a lemon:-) ), and an Okasii Mandarin… Early fruiting, seedless, and easy to peel.

We also picked up some Marjoram and Thyme seedlings to stick in the herb garden across the back fence.

Cygnet planted out some watermelon seeds in what will be one of the rose gardens. Not sure that they’ll do much, as it’s currently unreticulated, and the seeds were kind of old… But it’s worth a try:-)

Previously, I used freecycle to get rid of a stack of non-food plants, and we’ve moved a bushy Rosemary (from what will be the asparagus bed) to beside the front gate.

At this point, the only part of the garden we haven’t begun is the orchard.

And the best bit is that everything we bought, we planted!


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